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How to Transfer Your Prescriptions

How to Transfer Your Prescriptions

Whether you are looking for better service or have chosen to relocate, we support your decision in finding a new pharmacy. Being a loyal customer with existing prescriptions filled by one store should not stop you from getting the best Pharmacy Service available.

Prescription medications are important to maintain a patient’s health or avoid pain and other discomforts. With the level of complexity and rarity that some prescriptions have, it is important to be ready for your meds in your new place.

Before making the big switch, confirm if your new store in mind has the prescription you are after. Do you prefer branded medications? Do you have a preference for medication forms? Ensure your new pharmacy has what you need and what you want.

Consult with your doctor before making big changes. Aside from picking their brain about prescription transfers, advising your physician notifies them of changes in refill details. Anticipating these changes can prevent later confusion.

Keep your prescription information on hand. Whether you have been taking the same meds for years or have just recently started a new medication, having an information sheet within your purse or bag can help you later. The information in your material can guide you when making discussions (and negotiations) with your future pharmacists.

Find the Independent Pharmacy that supports your needs.

Complete makes life convenient. Check your new pharmacy’s inventory and ensure you have Medical Supplies in Florida whenever you need anything.

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