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The Booster Shot That’s Right For You

The Booster Shot That's Right For You

Vaccinations are Health Care essentials. And booster shots for some of these vaccines are also vital for added protection and stronger immunity – not only for us but also for the people around us.

Flu Shots & Immunization wear off as time goes by. And since many diseases tend to mutate over time, we need another shot of the vaccines we had when we were young and even now.

As people face the dangers of the coronavirus and its variations, we have to have protection against it. And since many of us already completed COVID-19 doses from vaccination providers and Independent Pharmacy partners, it’s now time for boosters. Do you know which one applies to you?

  • If you received Pfizer-BioNTech:

    Minors aged 16 to 17 can get a booster of the same brand, while people 18 and above are required to get a third dose from any of the vaccines allowed in the US at least six months after their 2nd dose.

  • If you received Moderna:

    Senior citizens from 65 years old and adults 18 and above can get a booster six months and onwards after they complete the COVID-19 vaccines. You can have any of the brands authorized in the country.

  • If you received Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen:

    Adults from 18 years old can get a booster shot from any allowed vaccine brands at least two months from completing the primary vaccines.

You may now book your appointment for immunization at our Pharmacy in Wimauma, Florida. You may have a preference, but any of these brands will do.

COVID-19 home test kits and other Medical Supplies in Florida are also available in our pharmacy. Call Apex Care Pharmacy 2 at 813-812-6062 or 813-812-7010 for your orders.

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