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Tips for Safe Medication Management


It is hard to remember to take prescriptions in the first place, so taking multiple pills numerous times a day can be overwhelming. Medication management is essential in the treatment of a medical condition. Dosages that are missed or administered incorrectly can be exceedingly harmful.

Apex Care Pharmacy 2’s experienced and qualified pharmacists are medication management experts. Here are some suggestions to assist you or a loved one in managing your medicines.

  • Invest in a Pillbox or Dispenser

    Pillboxes are an excellent method to manage your medications while also alerting you when it’s time to refill prescriptions. Similarly, you can buy an automatic dispenser that will dispense your medications at a predetermined time every day.

  • Set Reminders

    Alarm clocks and other reminder devices are both great gifts and practical utilities. A multi-alarm alarm clock is another simple, affordable option that is easy to program and use.

  • Review Your Medications with Your Doctor Regularly

    Discuss all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications with a single healthcare provider. Bring a list of your medicines or all of your labeled pill bottles.

  • Take Medication as Prescribed – Don’t Self-Medicate

    Don’t skip doses, increase dose frequency, or discontinue medication without first consulting your healthcare provider. Medication will not work unless it is properly administered.

  • If Possible, Use a Single Pharmacy

    Though it may be tempting to visit the local drugstore or the hospital pharmacy before being discharged, it is recommended to get all of your prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy in Wimauma, Florida.

Whether you’re managing your own or a loved one’s medicine, organizing and automating the more basic portions can relieve a lot of prescription-related stress.

If you need to purchase medical supplies in Florida, contact our independent pharmacy immediately!

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