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Are You Ready for the Flu Season?

Are You Ready for the Flu Season?

It is worth noting how a simple or common condition can lead to discomfort and other serious consequences later. As we are nearing the late part of the year, there is one more thing we can expect with the colder breeze—the flu season.

Avoid sick days and protect yourself and your family. Answer these series of questions to assess how ready you are.

  • Did you get your flu shot?

    The flu vaccine decreases the risk of getting the flu. If ever you are infected, the vaccine lowers your risk of getting a severe condition.

  • Do you have masks and do you properly wear them in public places?

    Masks shield you from contracting the virus. It is not enough to just wear your mask—you have to wear it properly every time you are in the presence of other people.

  • Do you have a strong immune system?

    Boost your immune system with vitamins and minerals necessary to fight infection. If you are not getting enough from your diet, consider taking vitamin supplements this time of year.

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